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New To KL Jack & Co. – DeWalt Tools

Introducing DeWalt Tools

Introducing DeWalt Tools

As you have probably noticed, KL Jack has recently become a supplier of the DeWalt brand tool line.  For us, this is a huge advancement in our inventory line up, as well as our own recognition in the distributor community. DeWalt has come a long way over the past several decades, recreating its brand and image, ranking itself as one of the top tool brands in the world.  So to bring that name into our hands, makes us proud to put it into yours.  DeWalt is a key partner for commercial and residential contractors across the globe, meaning they’re not just a big name, trying to make the big bucks, they’re actually there for their customers, the individual, the worker.  At KL Jack & Co. we like to think of ourselves the same way, so joining forces with DeWalt was the natural thing for us to do.

We have a great line of cordless tools like impact drivers, drill drivers, and hammer drills.  Just because they may not be corded, doesn’t mean they can’t pack a punch.  We supply multiple DeWalt 20V XR batteries, that will give you working hours and power that you can’t find anywhere else.  Of course, if you prefer or need a corded tool, we have those as well.  We carry hammer drills, various types of saws, grinders, and polishers.  Whatever project you’re faced with, you can be sure you can find exactly what you need with DeWalt and KL Jack.  To make the selection even sweeter, we’ve set up combination promotions, to meet all your needs, all at once!  We have drill-driver kits that will get you, not only the tools, but free batteries as well!  On top of that we have DeWalt grinders on promotion with Camel grinding wheels! How many other distributors can bring you deals on quality products like these, at such amazing values?  Nobody but KL Jack & Co!

DeWalt makes a point of only putting out the best of the best, hence their slogan “Guaranteed Tough.”  DeWalt won’t put a single tool on the shelf, unless it’s been tested and can hold up to their extreme toughness standards.  DeWalt has their end user in mind, starting from user need, design, engineering, training, demonstrations, and production.  They want to create a tool that people want to use, over and over again.  DeWalt wants to make the industry transition to black and yellow.  At KL Jack, we want only the best for our customers, and want to make sure they’re buying quality products that last and stand the test of time, and DeWalt meets those standards for us.

DeWalt makes great strides towards strengthening
the American job force, and working towards maintaining
American made/manufactured products…


To seal the deal, DeWalt makes great strides towards strengthening the American job force, and working towards maintaining American made/manufactured products.  DeWalt’s Project Eagle works on bringing jobs back to the United States, and making sure that their tools are built in the United States: american made, with global materials. DeWalt also works hard to support disabled and unemployed veterans by partnering with the Wounded Warrior Project. They set standards to employ veterans and make astounding contributions to the WWP, making sure our veterans and their families have the support and help they need. We are proud to work with a manufacturer who is truly committed to supporting both American manufacturing and the men and women in our military who have sacrificed to defend our freedom.

So you see, having the ability to become a DeWalt supplier is a huge honor and privilege for us.  We hope that we can bring that sense of pride to you, knowing that you are not only using a quality tool, but using a brand that takes pride in the American spirit.  This being the time of year where we want to remember, honor, and celebrate those who have sacrificed for us, and our freedom, we want to make sure we do it right.



Work Better, with DeWalt and KL Jack & Co.