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Increased steel activity paves way for more high performing tools

Increased steel activity paves way for more high performing tools

Increased steel activity paves way for more high performing tools

A recent report on the United States steel industry shows that 2012 was a strong year for the market, meaning that the cutting tools that can handle these materials are a growing must-have.

The recovering economy is providing positive news for those who are in construction and manufacturing. Many of the materials that are used in these sectors are seeing strong production, meaning that they will likely be used in many upcoming projects. In order to effectively use these materials, contractors and professionals need to make sure that they have the right equipment for the job.

A strong 2012
A new report from Research and Markets indicates that the U.S. steel industry experienced a steady 2012, indicating a positive outlook for the coming years.

Over the last year, the U.S. accounted for nearly 6 percent of the crude steel production across the globe, which made the nation the third largest contributor in this category. These strong numbers were credited to the growing automobile and construction sectors along with improved methods in production of the material.

Crude steel production increased by 3 percent over the course of the year, while consumption of the metal grew by 8 percent during the same time period.

On top of this, demand in the energy, container, defense and security markets also had important effects on the state of the material.

Handling materials
Steel has a variety of different uses across industrial sectors. For instance, the form that the metal will take in the assembly of a new car is far different than that of a beam on a construction site. For this reason it is important that those working with the material are equipped with the right tools to properly manipulate steel for these various product needs.

One way in which workers can do this is through the use of the LENOX Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade. The product is designed to cut large and durable metals. Through various innovations such as an edge wire that boosts tooth hardness, the blade is now more wear resistant, can better penetrate metals and make straighter cuts on various steels, titanium alloys, and nickel-based alloys.

With production increasing across the country, being able to manipulate these metals to fit the requirements of these various industries is essential to be able to run a successful operation. The use of proper safety equipment can also make sure that people are doing so while limiting the risk of injury.