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Battening Down the Hatches – Winter Storm Preparation Tips (INFOGRAPH)

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Battening Down the Hatches

Winter is here in full force this year, and the inclement weather has hit most of the country hard. Snowstorms can disrupt a home’s comfort, electricity and safety, so homeowners should take initiative in preparing themselves, their families and their houses for winter storms.

Take Preventative Measures

Before the weather takes a turn for the worse, homeowners should make necessary preparations to their house and property. Wall and attic insulation should be installed or upgraded along with storm windows and weather-strips for doors in order to extend a home’s fuel supply.
Individuals should also inspect their valves and heating systems to ensure that they know how to proceed in the event of a malfunction. Cold weather can cause pipes to freeze and burst, so a working knowledge of the valves is paramount. Prevention extends beyond the home as well. In wooded areas, tree branches can sag and snap during snowfall, threatening the house and anyone nearby. Homeowners should trim back branches that extend out near the house and inspect the roof to ensure it will withstand the weight of the snow.

Load up on supplies

In the event of a power outage, it is important to have flashlights, food, water and blankets at the ready. During severe storms, it can be days before the utilities companies get the power back up and running, so families should be prepared to ride it out. A portable generator and space heater can also make a difference.

Ice melt or sand is good to have on hand as a way to make slippery paths more passable. On the same note, a first-aid kit and other medical supplies are helpful to treat cuts and bruises that can occur from falls on icy walkways. With these preparations in mind, homeowners can be confident in their ability to withstand the winter’s worst.


KL Jack Winter Storm Preparation Tips - Infograph