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How KL Jack completes your order

How KL Jack completes your order

How KL Jack completes your order

From the warehouse to the worksite, KL Jack takes care in making sure to fill your order so that it meets all of your expectations as quickly as possible.

When you order fasteners with KL Jack, you certainly have a number of options – over 22 million in fact. But rest assured, your order is handled with care and due diligence so you have the pieces you need for a successful job.

How to order
You have four major ways to submit an order with KL Jack:

  1. Come into the store and talk to one of our inside sales reps who will guide you through the inventory

  2. Talk to one of our reps over the phone

  3. Email us at, one of our sales reps is always keeping an eye on our inbox

  4. Fax us your order and our sales reps will take it from there

If you want to speed up your order, you have a number of options as well. Submit your order online, where we’re always open. By managing your online account, you can also take advantage of one of our online promotions. Our MyBinStock® system allows you to scan exactly what you need with our handheld barcode scanner, and upload the order to your online account in a matter of seconds. We can also cross-reference your part numbers with ours to help you maintain your own stock room. Another strategy is to have one of our outside sales reps visit your stock room to optimize your system.

Filling your order
Once you’ve submitted your order, we have a 4-step plan to make sure you get exactly what you need.

  1. We print your order at a local branch or corporate headquarters

  2. We retrieve your pieces from our 22 million fastener inventory, which helps us maintain our 97 percent fill rate

  3. We check your order with at least two team members to make sure you get exactly what you need

  4. If you’ve placed your order by 3pm EST, you can pick your order to the same day or we’ll make sure it gets out the door in time.

We offer flat rate shipping offers too, in order to get your fasteners to you right when you need them.