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Cutting tool use grows with expanding industries

Cutting tool use grows with expanding industries

Cutting tool use grows with expanding industries

The automotive and aerospace industries have played a major role in the increased use of cutting tools throughout the United States.

There are a number of manufacturing tools that have seen increased use over the recent months as a result of growing business activity across a variety of industries. While it may seem obvious, the importance of having high-quality and durable technologies in this realm is essential to a strong manufacturing operation.

As manufacturing jobs return to American shores, demand for quality increases. While it may be inexpensive to produce these goods in other parts of the world, it is the quality that is found in the U.S. that makes it such a sought after industry for manufactured goods. However, this means that those in charge of producing these goods should be well-equipped to complete this job. Part of this requires having strong tools and parts, such as industrial fasteners, in order to ensure that the best possible products go into these industrial processes.

For this reason, it is vital for companies to make sure that they are communication with suppliers that put an emphasis on having even the most obscure parts in stock. This way, businesses across the American economy can make sure that they are able to provide their workers with the best possible assets to complete the job, while at the same time helping contribute to the resurgence of the American economy.

Cutting tool consumption grows
The importance of this trend can be seen in the growth of cutting tool usage in the U.S. According to a recent report from the U.S. Cutting Tool Institute and the Association for Manufacturing Technology, consumption of these products reached $176 million in October. This was up 13.1 percent from the preceding month, though it was down from a year ago.

An AMT press release indicated that the figures can be used as a way to gauge the manufacturing industry as a whole, as increased tool usage likely means that business demands have picked up. Among the major contributors to this growth, according to the organization, is the expansion of the automotive and aerospace industries.

The U.S. automotive market is one that has been especially remarkable. After its dramatic fall off in the late 2000s, the industry has been able to recover quite well as emphasis returned to making stronger vehicles.

"While cutting tool sales enjoyed their best month since April, the trend is still behind for 2013 compared to 2012," said USCTI President, Tom Haag. "The important indicators show the automobile and aerospace industries are forecast for stable and steady growth in 2014, so we are optimistic."

Activity in the aerospace industry
Aerospace is another industry that is contributing to the growth of cutting tool activity. As major companies look to address their purchase order backlogs it is likely that they will have an increased need to use these kinds of tools.

For instance, a major aluminum producer has recently signed a deal with industry giant Airbus, to supply materials for the construction of its airplanes. The multi-year agreement will provide Airbus with aluminum plates and other construction materials that are able to make the vehicles more fuel-efficient and durable.

With these various sectors seeing increased business activity, the need for tools that are able to create durable goods from raw materials grows. In doing so, companies involved in these processes should make sure that they are able to get their hands on the best in class tools and products. This way the growth of the American economy and the importance placed on quality can be maintained.